The 2012 IGF Pirate Kart Twitter Reviews

scraped from the hashtag #IGFreviews


/ Escape \ by Joshua Schonstal

PetriPurho "/ Escape \ - a proper game, wall jumping single button canabalt. A bit too random to get a feeling of mastery. (3/5) #IGFReviews" #

moshboy "/ Escape \ via @schonstal and co. is hypnotizing. Pumping soundtrack and pixel art for the win. Keep walljumping. #igfreviews #igfpiratekart" #

TheGameLlama "/ Escape \ is Super Meat Boy or N without all that pesky moving. Jumps only! Fun for a few minutes. #IGFReviews" #

squidlarkin"/ Escape \ : Brilliant, I think it out-Canabalts Canabalt. Just needs a dannyB soundtrack. #igfreviews" #

dotHectate "#igfreviews /escape\ is really cool, I dig the music too. Is this available on mobile devices?" #

corneaga "/ Escape \ by @schonstal and co. is too tricky for me, but @spamtron's awesome soundtrack keeps me playing. #IGFReviews" #

realnoyb "/ Escape \ - Lovely one-switch arcade game. #IGFreviews" #

jbbr__ "/ Escape \, that button in the top left hand of your keyboard is put to use in an addictive way #igfreviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews - \Escape/: Score-based climber. Great graphics/music, probably not much longevity but nice little game all the same. Keep." #

Shackhal "/ Escape \, a one-button game where you try to escape from a laser beam going up using consecutive wall jumps #igfreviews" #

RezCycle "\Escape/: Canabalt crossed with Icy Tower, but way more BADASS than both. Quite a fun little time waster, here. Looks ace, too. #igfreviews" #

1, 2, 3 by Mike Meyer

TheGameLlama "1, 2, 3 - Only 13 levels, but hit detection is WAY off. Infuriating. Floaty. Another Meat Boy-esque game. #IGFReviews" #

captain_panties "1 2 3 - A difficult game with BGM where a woman wants me to go to her house to suck her meat. 5/5 #igfreviews" #

dotHectate "#igfreviews 1,2,3 is great! I love how his hat is the only thing left when he dies too. Hah" #

corneaga "@ExciteMike's 1, 2, 3 is frustratingly fun. Loved the reference to "think fast" as seen in Jill of the Jungle and Xargon. #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "1, 2, 3 by @ExciteMike - Excelent soundtrack! Controls are a bit of a pain in the ass. Fun little game. 4/5 #IGFReviews" #

TomSmizzle "1, 2, 3 has a cool, simple mechanic and executes on that mechanic well over the levels it has. Short but sweet. #igfreviews" #

eddiecameron "1,2,3 - the last level will make you kill yourself 4/5 #IGFReviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews - 1, 2, 3: Simple, very short platformer sorta' game. Okay but once it's done likely won't play again, and why Mario? Maybe keep" #

RezCycle "1,2,3: easy as something DIFFICULT. well, not TOO difficult. a fun & clever puzzle platformer that teaches how to count to 3. #igfreviews" #

10.5 by Sos Sosowski

terrycavanagh "10.5 is totally broken, but pretty fascinating - randomly generated platformer levels with an upgrade sys. Played till the end. #IGFReviews" #

TheGameLlama "10.5 - Glitchy platformer with unique purchasing mechanic, and a super annoying brother. Jumping is weird. Stuck in walls a lot. #IGFReviews" #

daphaknee "10.5 - i used a controller while someone else bought powerups, otherwise it seems lonely and pointless #igfreviews" #

corneaga "@Sosowski's 10.5 is a terrifying portrayal of consumerism (maybe?) but it's a bit too easy to get hopelessly stuck. #IGFReviews" #

realnoyb "10.5 - Every single powerup is based around fixing errors in random, disorienting level design. Overstayed its welcome. #IGFreviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews 10.5 - Small platformer-esque game, didn't actually enjoy it much. Screens seem random each time you go to a new one. Won't keep" #

1958 BNL by Mike Meyer

EdibleToaster "1958 BNL Pretty awesome. Tricky and great for completionists. Too easy to click off screen though, but awesome music 3/5 #igfreviews" #

TheGameLlama "1958 BNL - Weird bouncy space man game where you absorb colors and unlock doors. Controls are all over the place. Nope. #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "@ExciteMike's 1958 BNL has some great mechanics, but the trial and error gameplay is stopping me from really getting into it. #IGFReviews" #

annelaplantine "1958 BNL wowoww !!! #IGFReviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews 1958 BNL - Controls were odd, kept clicking off screen, not too interesting and think may have been some library graphics?" #

RezCycle "1958 BNL: Low-gravity exploration platformer focused on lock-and-key puzzles, but actually manages to be interesting to play #igfreviews" #


A Closed Mind by Anna Anthropy

TheGameLlama "A Closed Mind - the ONLY easy way to beat homophobia, usually two clicks. Ethics worked least. Like real life? Not really a game #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "A Closed Mind by @auntiepixelante - Lacks on gameplay, I guess it's a non-game. Not sure if there's an ending... 2/5 #igfreviews" #

sprybry Bryant "A Closed Mind by @auntiepixelante is both insensitive and disrespectful. I doubt Jamie Hubley would find it empowering :( #igfreviews" #

corneaga "A Closed Mind by @auntiepixelante is about as mediocre as the game it parodies, but slightly funnier. #IGFReviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews A Closed Mind by @auntiepixelante - Well, that was just weird. I did 7. I'm not sure why I did 7, but I killed 7 'homophobias'." #

RezCycle "A Closed Mind: What Hormones Do To Women: The Videogame. Just kidding, Anna. I wub you. Less tedious than every other JRPG. #igfreviews" #

A Game About Choices for At-Risk Youth by Anna Anthropy

ZoeQuinnzel "Choices for at risk youth was a realistic portrayal of life as a teen in America #igfreviews #kindadrunk" #

TheGameLlama "A Game About Choices for At-Risk Youth - Another non-game. Spacebar to have sex! Then you die (usually). :| out of 10. #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "A Game About Choices (@auntiepixelante again) is one of many examples of the positive effect of Klik & Play assets on any idea. #IGFReviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews A Game About Choices... by @auntiepixelante - That was also just weird. At least I now have a few STD's." #

RezCycle "A game about at-risk youth: I played five times and successfully had sex without any repercussions, i am the best at having sex #igfreviews" #

ABOVE v. BELOW by Leon Arnott

CPriestman "Above vs. Below - Not sure how I lost but I love the idea of playing loads of simultaneous games and flicking through them 5/5 #igfreviews" #

EdibleToaster"Above v. Below is pretty cool. Player vs AI game kinda like ROM CHECK FAIL. Needs audio, but great concept. 3/5 #igfreviews" #

MystikQC "Enjoyed Above vs Below! 4/5 #igfreviews, entertaining and fast." #

TheGameLlama "ABOVE v. BELOW - It's spastic WarioWare Pong with occasionally janky mouse detection. No sound FX hurts the lasting appeal. #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "I love the aesthetics and WarioWare-esque desgin of @webbedspace's ABOVE v. BELOW. But seriously, fuck the Questant. #IGFReviews" #

pxlplz "Above vs Below: Wow... uh... wow. Was rolling my eyes a little when I saw pong, but quickly changed my mind. Love it! #igfReviews" #

legacycrono "ABOVE v. BELOW by Leon Arnott - Haha brilliant! Reminds me of ROM CHECK FAIL. Very nice 4/5 #IGFReviews" #

TomSmizzle "ABOVE v. BELOW is excellent. ROM CHECK FAIL-esque. #igfreviews" #

eddiecameron "Above V Below - Scary that simple changes freak my brain out so much. Fun! 4/5 #IGFReviews" #

davidsgallant "ABOVE v BELOW - Constantly changing things up makes for an intensely hectic experience. Me likee. #IGFreviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews ABOVE v. BELOW - More of an idea than an enjoyable game within itself, so isn't interesting for that long." #

RezCycle "Above VS Below: Like the Crystal Quest reference, rest of the game isn't doing it for me. Also I keep clicking out the window #igfreviews" #

Adventures in the Public Domain by Zayne Black

TheGameLlama "Adventures in the Public Domain - I beat up a vegetarian 10/10! Then got killed by a different vegetarian 0/10. Text adventure! #IGFReviews" #

wademcgillis "Adventures in the Public Domain by @dedhedzed - I died fighting zombies with frozen fish fingers!!! The music is repetitive. 3/5 #igfreviews" #

corneaga "@dedhedzed's Adventures in the Public Domain is at times questionably written, but has its moments. You can kiss a dog. #IGFReviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews Adventures in the Public Domain - I was killed by zombies because I was attacking them with fish-fingers. It was that or chicken" #

RezCycle "Adventures in the Public Domain: THIS WAS AN AMUSING CYOA GAME, i'm too tired to think of anything more insightful to say. #igfreviews" #

ExciteMike "Adventures in the Public Domain - I kissed the wrong dog! - #igfpiratekart #igfreviews" #

Afternoon in the House of Secrets by Anna Anthropy

daphaknee "AFTERNOON IN THE HOUSE OF SECRETS what dumb dyke bitch made this game I FOUND YOUR FUCKING SECRET ITS THAT YOU SUCK (my face) #igfreviews" #

TheGameLlama "Afternoon in the House of Secrets - Another text adventure. Way too easy to go in circles. Writing is just okay, got bored. #IGFReviews" #

captain_panties "Afternoon in the House of Secrets - A TRUE HIGHLIGHT. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "I swear I once uncovered the secret in @auntiepixelante's Afternoon in the House of Secrets, but sadly it eludes me today. #IGFReviews" #

Ah, La Mure by Marek Kapolka


captain_panties "Ah, La Mure - As best I can tell, this is some surrealist take on Girl's Garden for SC-1000. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "Ah, La Mure is surreal, pixelated and slightly broken Game Maker experiment that I really enjoyed attempting to understand. #IGFReviews" #

realnoyb "Ah, La Mure - Trigger warning. Seems to be a game where you sexually harass a girl in a park while avoiding her male friend? #IGFreviews" #

davidsgallant "Ah, La Mure - a grey floating head turns into a naked man who collects flowers and shoots starts. Makes perfect sense. #IGFreviews" #

Alfredo by Richard Perrin

terrycavanagh "Replayed Alfredo while I was at it. Really loved the last part after the third boss! #IGFReviews" #

TheGameLlama "Alfredo - "an Action 52 remake." Couldn't get past the title screen and I had to use Task Manager to close it. Don't play this! #IGFReviews" #

realnoyb "Alfredo - Chef-themed Metroidvania. Neat pastel graphics. Annoying boss fights. Interesting meta-message at the end. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "@PerrinAshcroft's Alfredo is a great Action 52 remake. Hopefully I'll beat it now I've realised the F5 and F6 keys still work. #IGFReviews" #

alazoral "Alfredo (Perrin): Waiter, there's an uninspired chef-themed masocore platformer with shitty controls in my Pirate Kart. #igfreviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews Alfredo - Have played Alfredo before the Kart, reasonably good but couldn't get too in to it for whatever reason. Keep." #

ALIANTE by Santa Ragione

TheGameLlama "Aliante - A wildly out-of-control Tron bike/Jet Moto/Mario Kart Battle Mode game. Two player only? I don't have friends! Jerk. #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "@santaragione's ALIANTE, while beautiful, might just be too pixelated. Blasphemy, I know. I swear the AI cheats in race mode. #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "ALIANTE by Santa Ragione - Damn sweet graphics. The game is boring though. AI is not that good. 3/5 #IGFReviews" #

Toadsanime "#IGFReviews ALIANTE - Not a bad little game, imagine it'd be a fun 2-Player game for a short while, not bad alone either. Keep." #

RezCycle "ALIANTE: love the lo-fi 3D engine, hard as balls to control though. of course, both plays suffer from it so it's not TOO bad #igfreviews" #

Aliems by Kenneth Backus


TheGameLlama "Aliems... isn't a game. Arrow keys move and Z bombs but then you destroy all the buildings and just float around? Stupid AHHHHH! #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "ALIEMS! by Kenneth Backus - Hmm... Does it have a goal? I destroyed everything and nothing happened... 1/5 #igfreviews" #

dotHectate "#igfreviews I was using the saucer to push over buildings in Aliems... #yourdoingitwrong" #

realnoyb "Aliems - Neat engine and color choices. Not much of a game here yet. #igfreviews" #

captain_panties "Aliems - All the fun of building a tower and knocking it down, without any of the hassle of the building part. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "Aliems is capable of simultaneously fulfilling your desires for senseless destruction and rocket jumping. #IGFReviews" #

TomSmizzle "aliems isn't a bad little thing! i like the bouncy skyscrapers. #igfreviews" #

davidsgallant "Aliems - nifty little Unity-powered city bomber. Could use more game, though. #IGFreviews" #

RezCycle "ALIEMS: Really cool physics demo, would love to see a proper game spawn from it. KILL ALL HUMANS #igfreviews" #

All The Better To See You by Bento Smile

captain_panties "All the Better to See You - A game in which the surreal becomes mundane through repetition. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "Meaning in @bentosmile's All The Better To See You eludes me, but I predict that knowing would depress me. Ignorance is bliss? #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "All The Better To See You With: Simulation of a boring relationship. Nice art and writing that hints at something deeper #igfreviews" #

danny_alder "'All The Better To See You' by Bento Smile. This is a great little allegory. #IGFreviews" #

legacycrono "All The Better to See You by @bentosmile - Biggest truth of adult life told by characters of children books. OH IRONY 3/5 #IGFReviews" #

CircleCatGames "@bentosmile All The Better To See You: Sublime writing, wonderful art. Would do business again A+++++ #IGFreviews" #

Arenatron by Mike Meyer

corneaga "@ExciteMike's Arenatron is Robotron in a scenario reminiscent of The Running Man. Powerlessness gets very hard. Good bad jokes! #IGFReviews" #

aaronghunter "Arenatron - Kind of a real-time Robot, navigate increasingly quick foes to cause collisions and survive. Somewhat fun. #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Arenatron: very charming and well-designed arena avoider. The colours lead me to believe it supports old school 3D glasses! #igfreviews" #

RezCycle "Arenatron: charming & enjoyable arena avoider despite floatiness. The colours lead me to believe it supports 3D glasses! #igfreviews" #

realnoyb "Arenatron - Simple arena dodge-em-up. Solid mouse controls. Ending was disappointing, didn't fully commit to a narrative. #IGFreviews" #

Art Attack by Aaron Kearns

EdibleToaster "Art Attack: Destroying art for no reason. Let the art attack EVERYTHING! 1/5 #igfreviews" #

aaronghunter "Art Attack was missing a certain... grotesque element. I'll wait for Art Attack 2: Defacement Through Defecation #IGFReviews" #

realnoyb "Art Attack - Quick satire of games which purport to portray deep truths by solely referencing other people's art. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "@captain_panties' Art Attack resembles Pixel and BA2's Die Die Galaxy. Pixel created Cave Story, so his is inherently superior. #IGFReviews" #

davidsgallant "Art Attack - shoot bullets at paintings. Little challenge, little boring. #IGFreviews" #

ATC Blitz by Andy Moore

captain_panties "ATC Blitz - Much slower on my PC than the name suggests. A bit calming though. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "I wonder why @weasello called this game ATC Blitz? I keep expecting something horrible to happen... but I don't think it will. #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "ATC Blitz: Did Flight Control rip this off? Very similar. If so, I'm glad the kart gave this more exposure. Friggin thieves! #igfreviews" #

Attack of the Chasers by Benn Powell

corneaga "Attack of the Chasers certainly fulfils its promise of being "difficult". I can't even beat level 4. #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "Attack of the Chasers by @bennpowell - Frustrating controls. Not really original, but it's a nice little game 2/5 #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "attack of the chasers: a difficult game. says so right on the box. i'd like it a little less hard please (not what she said) #igfreviews" #

Attack of the Heavenly Bats by Sos Sosowski

moshboy "Attack of the Heavenly Bats via @Sosowski. Had played previously. Chaotic platformer with some neat mechanics. #igfpiratekart #igfreviews" #

pxlplz "Attack of the Heavenly Bats: Started rough, but got fun quick. Play this one! Smashing big holes in everything is really cool! #igfReviews" #

squidlarkin "Attack of the Heavenly Bats: Gleefully gratuitous metroidvania, quite well done except for the "humor". #igfreviews" #

corneaga "Attack of the Heavenly Bats reveals that consumerism is a recurring motif across @Sosowski's oeuvre. 15,000 coins and counting. #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "Attack of the Heavenly Bats by @Sosowski - This game is awesome. By the way, I made the "No future mode" song :3 5/5 #IGFReviews" #

danny_alder "Attack of the Heavenly Bats by Sos Sosowski. Best game so far in Pirate Kart. Buy insane weapons from old men and destroy world. #IGFreviews" #

AkvoD3 "Attack of the Heavenly Bats by @Sosowski. Great platformer with light RPG elements, catchy music. #igfpiratekart #igfreviews" #

Aubergine vs. Magenta by Droqen

moshboy "Aubergine vs. Magenta via @droqen would've played pretty great if I'd had a 2nd player. Shoot each other. #igfreviews #igfpiratekart" #

corneaga "@droqen's Aubergine vs. Magenta looks awesome and I love the name. Too bad I don't have a fellow human. #IGFReviews" #

Awesome Bob! Episode One - Bob Begins by Zayne Black

corneaga "@dedhedzed's Awesome Bob has some great level scenery. Don't play on endurance mode unless you hate yourself. #IGFReviews" #

alazoral "Awesome Bob! (Black): MSPaint-as-heck masocore platformer with cool tunes. I like it. #igfreviews" #


Babymine by Rob Fearon

videogams "Babymine - confusing, but not TOO confusing. Well done but got kind of boring #igfreviews" #

legacycrono "Babymine by Rob Fearon - Oh, wow. It's both disorienting and seizure inducing. Works quite well. 3/5 #igfreviews" #

realnoyb "Babymine - There was a brain here. It's gone now. Ow, my head. #IGFreviews" #

beetjeff "babymine - acid baby does incomprehensible things #igfreviews" #

RezCycle "Babymine: I have no idea what this is. Oh wait, yes I do. It's AWESOME. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "@retroremakes' Babymine made me yell "Where did I come from? Where am I even going?" Was it confusion? Or existential dread? #IGFReviews" #

Baggage by Daray Manning

realnoyb "Baggage - Bite-sized lite masocore. #igfreviews" #

TheGameLlama "Baggage: awesome style, but makes my eyes/ears bleed. "Up" to jump is dumb, though. Lemme use spacebar! Made by an 8th grader. #IGFReviews" #

captain_panties "Baggage - Not an emotional platformer, but more like VVVVVV with Planes and TV static. #IGFreviews" #

davidsgallant "Baggage - a cacophony of pixels and tough platforming. Bit of fun. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "Baggage by @boxedlunch is more fun than going to a real airport. #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Baggage: Beautifully abrasive platformer revolving around the double jump. Short & sweet (if it doesn't give you a headache). #igfreviews" #

Ballsy! by Keith Weatherby II

SpindleyQ "Ballsy!: Simon pattern memorization game that I hate, with lots of interesting variations that I like, esp. "Chasers" mode. #igfreviews" #

realnoyb "Ballsy! - Simon meets 4-directional movement. Interesting idea. I appreciate the modes for people with awful memory capability. #IGFreviews" #

legacycrono "Ballsy! by Keith Weatherby II - Nice twist for the traditional Simon Says. 3/5 #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "@Uhfgood's Ballsy challenges too many parts of my brain at once! Modes 3 and 5 are where it's at. #IGFReviews" #

Bang Bang Roguelution by Sos Sosowski

fireholly99 "Bang Bang Roguelution - mystifying. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "@Sosowski's Bang Bang Roguelution is the most broken rhythm game I've ever played. Strangely compelling. #IGFReviews" #

Barney Mutilator by Jeremy Penner

RezCycle "Barney Mutilator: Haha, something I would have made when I was 12. Shoot Barney to bits. Reminds me of Barney Carnage on the Mac.#igfreviews" #

corneaga "Barney Mutilator (made by @SpindleyQ at age 14) gets old fast, but deserves mad props for potentially kicking off the genre. #IGFReviews" #

Bauerrauser by Kenneth Backus

daphaknee "BAUERRAUSER - knowing you cant destroy the orange turrets from the get go would be helpful, i love how it looks though #igfreviews" #

corneaga "@nihilocrat's Bauerrauser has a slick visual style. Fun, but the one-hit deaths sure are punishing. #IGFReviews" #

beebash by Kirk Israel

MystikQC "Beebash, made with Farseer Physics, too simple/short 2/5, #igfreviews #nextArrr!" #

moshboy "Beebash by Kirk Israel was totally chaotic but actually kinda fun. Protect diamond from onslaught of bees. #igfreviews #igfpiratekart" #

pxlplz "Beebash: A Yo-Yo Hammer of Justice is wildly ineffective against vindictive bees. A fun game for a few minutes though #igfReviews" #

legacycrono "beebash by Kirk Israel - More difficult than it seems! Fun, but the controls could be better. 2/5 #IGFReviews" #

TomSmizzle "haha! beebash is a very silly thing! reminds me of hammerfight. #igfreviews" #

eddiecameron "beebash - shitload of bees. Goes out of your control fast 3/5 #IGFReviews" #

realnoyb "Beebash - Nice swarming behaviour. It's interesting how the mechanics encourage you to minimize death to last longer. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "@kirkjerk's beebash is really cute and great! It's a shame that eventually your actions have barely any impact. #IGFReviews" #

ExciteMike "beebash - The harder you try to protect your diamond, the faster they take it away. moral there somewhere? - #igfpiratekart #igfreviews" #

Betasuppe by mjau

moshboy "Always loved Betasuppe from mjau. Text pasor adventure / platform puzzler / short but full of awesome. #igfreviews #igfpiratekart" #

corneaga "@kamjau's Betasuppe is a text parser controlled side-scroller. It's not just a joke, though, it has a couple of actual puzzles! #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "βsuppe by mjau - I crossed the sea *put sunglasses* Deal with it. 4/5 #IGFReviews" #

Better Than Dess by Andrew Gray

captain_panties "Better Than Dess - This would be way more fun with The Prodigy playing in the background #igfreviews" #

caffeinemonster "Hooray, I am Better Than Dess! #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "@RezCycle may be better than Dess, but is Better Than Dess better than Dess? Probably not, but it's pretty good. #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "Better Than Dess by Andrew Gray - This is awful. I'm getting sick of those "Games Factory" games all using the same graphics 1/5 #IGFReviews" #

Big Runner by Matt Rix

moshboy "Big Runner via @MattRix was pretty lol funny, including soundtrack. Had fun, even though it did get repetitive. #igfreviews #igfpiratekart" #

jonbro "#igfreviews Big Runner by @MattRix had a nice risk v reward. I think with practice I could get really good at it. Also, vomiting." #

alazoral "Big Runner (Rix): Arrow keys don't work, so you die instantly. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "Big Runner by @MattRix is a winning combination of obesity, vomiting and tanks. #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Big Runner: A game about self-image in modern society 4/5 #igfreviews" #

Black Desert by Peter Sundling

pxlplz "Black Desert: Super Creepy... I don't know if you can win, or if it's just a short-story-as-a-game. Super Creepy though. #igfReviews" #

corneaga "@deps81's Black Desert is amazing. Creepy and atmospheric. The gameplay is literally fumbling in the dark, though. #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "Black Desert by @deps81 - Arghh! Why can't you LOCK the cursor?! Killed a skeleton, then died. Weird game. 2/5 #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Black Desert: Some sort of first-person survival horror game? got stuck after keying the building at the start. shows promise. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "The #IGFPirateKart update brings huge improvements to @deps81's Black Desert. I think I won now...? #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Black Desert revisited: Vastly improved with update! Combat still sucks, but it's now a better exploration survival horror game #igfreviews" #

Blackheist by Manuel Magalhães

realnoyb "Blackheist - Non-ASCII path messed up launcher? Standard arena platformer. Awesome music. Big dudes need life bars. #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "@SatelitePlayGuy's Blackheist: arena-shooter-platformer with faux-retro graphics. @KungFuFurby contributed some great music! #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "Blackheist by Manuel Magalhães - It's Super Crate Box minus the crate boxes! Good music. A bit hard, maybe 3/5 #IGFReviews" #

ExciteMike "BlackHeist - Needed some additional mechanic to make it interesting. Got a bad framerate for some reason. - #igfpiratekart #igfreviews" #

RezCycle "Blackheist: Survival shooter with an Abuse control theme. Has potential, I'm not really feeling it quite yet. Need more OOMPH. #igfreviews" #

Blast Jockey by Allan O

captain_panties "Blast Jockey - Physics! This'll win the IGF for sure. Not easy. Sweet songs. #IGFreviews" #

daphaknee "BLAST JOCKEY - thank you for making rocket jumps a colorful and wonderful HARD AS SHIT GAME #igfreviews" #

caffeinemonster "Blast Jockeys: interesting mechanic. +1 for magenta background #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "Blast Jockey is a very cool mechanic combined with very cool music. I seem to suck at it. Clearly I am not very cool. #IGFReviews" #

davidsgallant "Blast Jockey - A neat little rocket-jumping platformer. Little stiff, but otherwise not bad. #IGFreviews" #

RezCycle "Blast Jokey: Best think about Duke 2 was using the flamethrower as a jetpack. This is a FUN game based around that. Rad music! #igfreviews" #

RezCycle "Blast Jokey: Best thing about Duke 2 was using the flamethrower as a jetpack. This is a bit like that! Fun. Also has rad music! #igfreviews" #

Bledge by Ciro Continisio

RezCycle "Bledge: Very innovative and brilliantly presented light cycle game. A little tricky to get the hang of, but quite neat. 2 player #igfreviews" #

corneaga "@ccontinisio's Bledge has a great concept, great art, but it doesn't totally work. Might be my partly keyboard's fault, though. #IGFReviews" #

davidsgallant "Bledge - Really cool concept & music, wish it had sound and AI for 1P play. #igfreviews" #

Blind by block0man

pxlplz "Blind seems like a really great idea cut short. Would love to play the whole game with just the "text sounds" #igfreviews" #

DamianSommer "BLIND by block0man does a great job interpreting how a blind person sees the world. #IGFReviews #IGFPirateKart" #

wolfbrother9393 "Blind on the IGF Pirate Kart was a pretty awesome concept. 5/5 #igfreviews" #

davidsgallant "Blind - Excellent conceptualization, and a couple different endings. I really like this one. #IGFreviews" #

thegamedesigner "I fucking love the art style in Blind. #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Blind: Brilliantly executed concept. Love the art style. Finally, an art game that doesn't make me want to vomit my pants. #igfreviews" #

taketwotablets "#IGFReviews #igfpiratekart Blind is a haunting little story with some interesting visuals." #

corneaga "Blind is really good. I have mixed feelings about the total lack of audio. Do try to get all six endings. #IGFReviews" #

AkvoD3 "Blind. Artsy game with multiple endings. The first, exploration section is beautiful and vivid. #igfpiratekart #igfreviews" #

Brain Dead by Mark Johns

moshboy "Brain Dead via @doomlaser. Loved the mechanics. Sweet little game. #igfreviews #igfpiratekart" #

dotHectate "#igfreviews Braindead is funkadelic. Neato!" #

TomSmizzle "Brain Dead is really cool. That intro cutscene is kind of amazing. #igfreviews" #

realnoyb "Brain Dead - Fun one-switch indirect platformer. Can't beat the style. Camera could use some work. #IGFreviews" #

eddiecameron "Braindead - Woah. Pretty and hard. 5/5 #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "Finally finished the visually amazing Brain Dead by @doomlaser. Tough stuff! #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Brain Dead: Cool aesthetic, cool idea, reminds me of games like Sleepwalker & EEK The Cat,but gets tediously difficult too early #igfreviews" #

Bridge by Terry Cavanagh

pxlplz "Bridge: Slides and music seemingly organized from most depressing to least depressing. More interactive art than game. #igfReviews" #

TheGameLlama "Bridge: I can change the colors a.k.a. "mood." Buuuuut that's about it. Not really very game-y. Not really at all. #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "Bridge by @terrycavanagh - I have no idea how to play this o_o 2/5 #IGFReviews" #

alazoral "Bridge (Cavanagh): Really awful grating beeptune meets a monocolour graffiti slideshow. Play VVVVVV instead. #igfreviews" #

realnoyb "Bridge - Tone poem where emotional changes are partly player driven. No meaning but what player thinks? Interesting aesthetics. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "I've always felt @terrycavanagh's Bridge is a bit too limiting, but it's a neat experiment nonetheless. #IGFReviews" #

Phen0m77 "Bridge: An original and brief, still intense visual novel based on your own imagination. #igfreviews" #

RezCycle "Bridge: I don't know what's going on here at all, which either means it's brilliant or terrible #igfreviews" #

Bungee Bungee Bungee by Alan Hazelden

captain_panties "Bungee Bungee Bungee -- Abstract Chaotix! This is fun, and the soundtrack is great. #IGFreviews" #

legacycrono "Bungee Bungee Bungee by @Draknek - Charming little game. Feels like a simplified GIRP. Still, the music is annoying... 3/5 #igfreviews" #

sprybry "Bungee by @Draknek features a precious little coop mechanic :) I want to mate it with Ice Climber :) #igfreviews" #

corneaga "@Draknek's Bungee Bungee Bungee is the tragic tale of an elaborately disguised suicide pact between two squares named Z and M. #IGFReviews" #

Bushido Code by Pizza Time

legacycrono "Bushido Code by Pizza Time - Multiplayer-only fighting game. I like the graphics. 2/5 #IGFReviews" #

alazoral "Bushido Code (Pizza Time): Extremely pretty pixelly 2 player sword fight. Like to see where they're going with this. #igfreviews" #

RezCycle "Bushido Code: RERO, FINISH THIS GOD DAMN GAME ALREADY, I've been waiting for like TWELVE YEARS. Love, Cycle. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "Bushido Code is decent, but I've had way more fun with its spiritual sequel, En Garde! #IGFReviews" #


Caevstroy Sucks Part 7/15: The Road to Victory by Mark Gobbin

RezCycle "Caevstroy - Road to Victory: Play Talking Head's "Road to Nowhere" while playing this for a far better experience. #igfreviews" #

legacycrono "Caevstory Sucks Part 7/15: The Road to Victory by Mark Gobbin - Is this supposed to be a game? If yes it fails immensely 1/5 #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "Caevstroy Sucks Part 7/15 is a tedious exercise, but like every entry in the series, the amazing ending makes it all worthwhile. #IGFReviews" #

ExciteMike "Caevstroy Sucks Part 7 - failed to make any sense of this one :/ - #igfpiratekart #igfreviews" #

Caevstroysux 6: The Pursuit of Knowledge by Mark Gobbin

davidsgallant "Caevstroysux 6: The Pursuit of Knowledge - I couldn't find the knowledge of what this game is trying to do. #IGFreviews" #

legacycrono "Caevstroysux 6: The Pursuit of Knowledge by Mark Gobbin - Seriously? Why people submitted "games" like this one...? 1/5 #IGFReviews" #

legacycrono "No, I'll take that back - make it 0/5. Caevstroysux 6 is the WORST game I have yet played on this kart. #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "Caevstroysux 6: The Pursuit of Knowledge is an even more sincere take on the genre established by @rodvik's The Marriage. #IGFReviews" #

Calories by Emma Fearon

PetriPurho "Calories - Another IF game that I actually liked, left me sad at the end :( (4/5) #IGFReviews" #

PlaydarUK "Calories - fuck. Accepting inevitability is difficult to do in any form. #igfreviews" #

corneaga "Calories by Emma Fearon (@retroremakes' missus) is a really affecting experience. One of my must-plays of the #IGFPirateKart. #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Calories: hey let's exploit tragedy to show how DEEP AND ART games can be. i think it was co-designed by jon blow. #igfreviews" #

legacycrono "Calories by Emma Fearon - What the hell Emma?!! That's fucked up! 3/5 #IGFReviews" #

Camel Quest 2000 Revolution by Andrew Gray

pxlplz "Camel Quest 2000 Revolution: Didn't work from launcher. This game is meh, but I want to keep playing. Why!? #igfReviews" #

TheGameLlama "Camel Quest 2000 Revolution: Another cool name for a game that doesn't even launch. #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "@RezCycle's Camel Quest 2000 Revolution is so mean when I lose, and so wonderful when I win. #IGFReviews" #

Camouflage Snake by Alan Hazelden

captain_panties "Camouflage Snake -- Brilliant twist on an old classic. sweet soundtrack. #igfreviews" #

ZoeQuinnzel "Camoflauge snake is hard and awesome and I want it on my phone #igfreviews" #

legacycrono "Camouflage Snake by @Draknek - Even more difficult than Shit Snake, but not as fun. :P #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "Camouflage Snake by @Draknek is smarter than Shit Snake, but less notable as it hasn't destroyed any relationships (publicly). #IGFReviews" #

Canabalt for Pink Daleks by Michael Fearon

moshboy "Canabalt for Pink Daleks by Michael Fearon was rather amusing. I laughed.. hard.. and dug the pixels. #igfreviews #igfpiratekart" #

TheGameLlama "Canabalt for Pink Daleks is... Canabalt, but you're a pink Dalek. You shoot instead of jump. Dr. Who music is the best. #IGFReviews" #

squidlarkin "Canabalt for Pink Daleks: Exactly what it says it is. #igfreviews" #

>realnoyb "Canabalt for Pink Daleks - More fun than the official Dr. Who games. EXTERMINATE! #IGFreviews" #

RezCycle "canabalt for pink daleks: i'm not a pink dalek but still liked it, possibly due to the dr who theme & it says EXTERMINATE a lot #igfreviews" #

beetjeff "canabalt for pink daleks - i hate canabalt >:O #igfreviews" #

corneaga "Canabalt for Pink Daleks is a fun game by @retroremakes and son. Pink Daleks can't jump. #IGFReviews" #

ExciteMike "Canabalt for Pink Daleks - Fun even if you are not a pink Dalek! - #igfpiratekart #igfreviews" #

Cancer by Ben Sironko

moshboy "Had a lot of trouble aiming for the red tuma in Cancer via @BenSironko. Got to second level. #igfreviews #igfpiratekart" #


schonstal "Cancer - This game is impossible #IGFReviews" #

BenSironko "Cancer is not about curing cancer, but being anxious about death. Hitting "tumors" is thus only a temporary fix. #lamephilosophy #igfreviews" #

corneaga "Cancer is a depressing game by @BenSironko which is pretty much unplayable due to cursor lag. #IGFReviews" #

Candy Alchemist by Snapman & WordRescue

legacycrono "Candy Alchemist by Snapman & WordRescue - Ok, I made lemon hardcandy and chocolate. Am I missing something? 2/5 #IGFReviews" #

corneaga "@legacycrono I made gold. Clearly I am the greatest Candy Alchemist. (Game by @Snapman_I_Am and WordRescue) #IGFReviews" #

AkvoD3 "@corneaga @legacycrono @Snapman_I_Am Oh yeah?! I made a skateboarding dude!! #igfreviews" #

RezCycle "Candy Alchemist: I needed a walkthrough to finish this game 1/5 #igfreviews" #

Catch the Mice by EffBee

CPriestman "Catch The Mice - a cheese meter? fair enough - a little...once 2/5 #igfreviews" #

pxlplz "Catch the Mice: Eh, just not feeling this one. Place mousetraps to catch mice. Probably won't go back to this one. #igfReviews" #

legacycrono "Catch the Mice - Mices... running around... but what do I do?! 2/5 #IGFReviews" #

realnoyb "Catch the Mice - Place traps away from mice, use limited cheese to lure them to their death. Nothing too compelling. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "Catch the Mice is nothing special. I do like the horrible sound that plays when a mouse dies, though. #IGFReviews" #

RezCycle "Catch the Mice: Should win the best audio award for the catching sound effect, rest of the game is meh. Poor mice. #igfreviews" #

Catsan by Rob Fearon

realnoyb "Catsan - I have no idea what is going on, but am very glad this game exists. #IGFreviews" #

pxlplz "Catsan: Beautiful! Disorientating, and mesmerizing. Except I can't seem to beat one particular hallway... #igfReviews" #

legacycrono "Catsan by Rob Fearon - WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!! 2/5 #IGFReviews" #

davidsgallant "Catsan - is this a game? I could rotate the visuals but not otherwise interact with them. #IGFreviews" #

corneaga "Is there an end to @retroremakes' Catsan? Is there any non-score progression at all? I think the answer might be no. #IGFReviews" #